Thinking about
Selling Your Cleaning Business?
You Need This Series!

- I'm sick of this business, can I be out of it by Friday?
- Do I really need a broker?
- What are the most important systems I need?

If you are thinking about selling your cleaning business, this is the only expert written resource that walks you step-by-step through the process from preparing your business for sale to acutally closing the deal. Industry experts Renee O'Brien and Sharon L. Cowan, CBSE both have sold wildly successful cleaning business and together they bring you a powerful, proven system that gives you the tools you need to maimize your profit and avoid costly mistakes. Take a listen as they highlight some of the topics covered in the jam-packed CD/Workbook set.

- What is the best time to sell?
- Am I financially ready to sell?


- What kind of financials do I have to have to
attract a buyer?
- How long will this take?

- What is a business appraisal?
- Is a professional appraisal really necessary?

- Real estate broker vs. business broker?
- Can I skip broker fees and sell it myself?

What YOU Will Learn!
- H
ow to Sell Your Cleaning Business for Big Bucks!
- Don’t Make Costly Mistakes
- Experienced, Experts to guide you step-by-step
- Stop Wasting Your Time – Build a Valuable Asset/Nest Egg
- Start with a Mop and sell for 7 figures
- Learn Where to Find the Best Buyers

- Over 155 Pages of detailed step-by-step instruction
- Eight Complete Audios of Expert Advice from those who have done it
- Over 25 Checklists, Quizzes, Exercises, Timelines, Lists of Critical Questions to ask, and Calculators
- Several Valuation Methods and Actual Prices for Cleaning Businesses that have sold
- Vouchers for 2 hours of One-on-One Valuation and Selling assistance with Sharon and Renee



Listen to some FREE audios where
Sharon and Renee answer some great questions on
exit planning, building value and/or selling your business
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The Sell Your Cleaning Business CD and Workbook kit includes topics like How To Price Your Business, When To Find A Broker, Preparing To Sell Your Business and more. Take a listen to Renee and Sharon explaining each popular topic:

Click to Listen: How Do I Price My Business

Click to Listen: Is My Vision Big Enough

Click to Listen: What Systems Do I Need In My Business

Click to Listen: When Do I Look For A Broker

Click to Listen: Where Do I Find A Buyer

Click to Listen: Why Exit Plan Now

Click to Listen: Will Exit Planning Solve My Problems

Click to Listen: You Dont Know What You Dont Know

Click to Listen: Getting Real Value For Your Business

If you're looking to sell your cleaning business let the experts walk you step-by-step through the selling process. As former owners of large six and seven figure cleaning companies, Renee and Sharon understand your questions, concerns and hesitations in making this big move. You don't have to figure it out the hard way, save time and money with the Sell Your Cleaning Business kit!



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